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Sponsor an IFB event

For Financial Services Companies looking to grow their market share, IFB Summits and Events are a cost effective platform to deliver your message directly to independent financial advisors.

For MGAs and Dealers that want to strengthen their sales force by recruiting from a field of proven sales professionals, an IFB Summit is the perfect place to do it.

IFB hosts two Summits per year in Toronto, BC, and Alberta, as well as annual Regional Events in Ottawa and Saskatoon. Our Summits and Events offer licensed advisors with the opportunity to earn continuing education credits, network with other advisors, and connect with financial services companies. Our events give you the chance to speak one-on-one with the advisors who can increase sales for your company. See the sponsorship packages available for each of our events:

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Forms for Current Sponsors

If you’re already a Summit or Event sponsor, please complete the forms below so that we can include your company’s contact information and presentation details in Summit/Event promotional materials:

Exhibitor Listing Form | Exhibitor Badge List Form | Presentation Description Form