Business Office Package Insurance Program

Eligibility – Available to all active members of the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada, with preferred rates for Individual or Corporate E&O Plan Participants.

Why do you need business insurance?

A business office package policy can protect your business contents and equipment from perils such as fire, water damage, and theft – to name a few.

A business office package can provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage that you or your employees may cause to another person as a result of your operations and/or premises.

A business office package can provide coverage for exposures in connection with the advertising of your business services.

A business office package insurance program can include the following key extensions of coverage as it relates to your business operations having employee:

E&O Insurance E&O Insurance

Magnes, the broker for the IFB E&O program, has once again successfully negotiated the best rates and coverage available to independent brokers – starting from just $758!

Features of the  IFB E&O Individual Broker Plan:

LOWER PREMIUMS – The IFB E&O plan is ‘No Fee’ E&O – no broker fees, no ‘fund’ fees. When comparing rates, be sure to check if your current provider tacks on these extra charges.

FLEXIBLE LIMITS – Limits of $1 million to $5 million, and all levels in between.

SIMPLIFIED PREMIUMS – No complicated rate charts and level premiums across the country for life insurance brokers and mutual fund advisors.

GREAT OPTIONAL EXTRAS – Coverage for Exempt Market Dealer Reps & low cost Privacy and Network Security coverage.  Optional Coverage – upgrade with IFB Elite Endorsement.

RELIABLE COVERAGE – Coverage arranged with AXIS Reinsurance Company.

EXTENDED COVERAGE – Lifetime Extended Reporting Period (ERP) now available.

DEDUCTIBLE WAIVER – Waiver of deductible in the event of a Life, A&S, or Mutual Fund claim if you have been insured under the IFB members’ plan and have been claims free for at least 3 years.