IFB 2017 Alberta Fall Summit

November 23, 2017
Calgary, Alberta

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Event description

IFB brings seasoned professionals and industry expects face-to-face with independent brokers at our Alberta Summit. Brokers can hear from individuals and organizations that stay on top of the latest developments in financial services. Find out more about who will be speaking at our upcoming Summit, what their presentations will cover, and what CE credits are available to you.

Participating Companies: Advisor Practice Management, Canada Protection Plan, Experior Financial GroupFinancial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), Group Medical Services, Intelife Income Trust, Investment Executive, La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services, SSQ Financial Group, YellowWood Networks Inc.

Presentation Outlines

Build Your Business with R.O.C.
Jamie Prickett, Experior Financial
FPSC: Financial Planning
46967- 1.00 Life, 1.00 A&S

Jamie will be covering many different ways to obtain referrals from clients and one of the best ways is by giving a holistic approach to your financial advising of a consumer rather than just selling life insurance or one particular product. In addition Jamie will be discussing the ownership opportunities that exist in the industry and why it is important to plan long-term for your business and your succession plan. And finally Jamie will be covering his favorite word, consistency. And how many of the most successful people in this business are not necessarily those that exceed to the highest levels in a single day or week or month or even a year but rather those who are consistent over the lifetime of their career and their prospecting activities. It’s a true example of The Tortoise and the Hare.

Create a S.A.F.E. financial life – Learn how to protect your clients from identity theft and investment fraud
Kelley Keehn, Personal Finance Expert
FPSC: Financial Planning
46968- 1.00 Life, 1.00 A&S

Financial crime isn’t a popular topic but, as financial advisors know, it is something that victimizes a growing number of Canadians each year, many of whom are too embarrassed or ashamed to report it.  Even though it’s estimated that fraud costs Canadians more than $10 billion each year, the RCMP reports that an overwhelming nine in 10 Canadians who are victimized don’t speak to anyone about it.

Based on Kelley’s research for the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada’s recent award-winning, financial literacy publication, Protecting You and Your Money; A Guide to Avoiding Identity Theft and Fraud, this presentation will help you to:

Case studies and lessons from Bernie Madoff, Earl Jones and more!

Anatomy of an E&O Policy
Roberta Tasson, The Magnes Group
FPSC: Practice Management
45845- 1.00 Life, 1.00 A&S, 1.00 General

Whether you are a general insurance agent that sells and services individual or group professional liability policies, or a life and/or A&S agent that purchases E&O as a mandatory licensing requirement, you are well advised to acquaint yourself with this type of insurance. Not all coverage is created equal, and Roberta Tasson, a partner at The Magnes Group, an independently owned property and casualty brokerage that has become a national leader in delivering insurance and risk management solutions to specific niche markets, will provide an overview of common plan features, exclusions, and trends in the professional liability market.

Segregated Funds with Investor /Annuitant/Beneficiary structures to WOW your clients. Investments that compliment your estate planning needs
Paul Grunsell, SSQ Financial Group
FPSC: Financial Planning
46728- 0.50 Life

When it comes to estate planning there are many options for each individual situation. Every case is different. Consider Insured Investments as a powerful tool to bypass the estate during the settlement process. Reviewing the features that save your clients time and money with added confidentiality. Properly setting up a Segregated Fund contract is a powerful tool. Let’s talk!

The Future Ready Financial Advisor
Grant Hicks, Advisor Practice Management
Sponsored by Desjardins Investments
FPSC: Practice Management
46969- 1.00 Life

The Critical Practice Management Processes to Building and Maintaining a Top Performing Financial Advice Business in the future. The financial industry is undergoing massive innovation focused on four areas: new regulations, fee compression, robo-advisors/ robo-insurance and a more educated consumer with a demand for technology. Financial advisors will learn the key practice management processes of the “Future Ready Financial Advisor” , to improve their ideal client experience, and profitably grow their practice within a rapidly changing future landscape. Results for attendees will be: · Acquire more ideal clients while managing non-ideal clients better in the new regulatory environment · Gather critical client feedback to build a value promise from your clients’ perspective to beat the competition and robo-advisors · Generate more revenue through insurance and financial planning, while preparing your clients for critical conversations
Cyber & Privacy Risks – What you need to Know
Cecilia Hoover & Sinziana Gutiu, Dolden Wallace Folick LLP
FPSC: Practice Management
46726- 1.00 Life, 1.00 A&S

Sinziana Gutiu and Cecilia Hoover of Dolden Wallace Folick  LLP will discuss Cyber breaches and Privacy law and how this affects you. This presentation includes:
 Survey Says … !
Rick Forchuk, Empire Life
46734- 1.00 Life, 1.00 A&S
FPSC: Practice Management

We are being surveyed to death in the financial services business, and a major challenge is in determining what survey data is true and can be acted upon, and what data is flawed and fraught with peril.  This presentation looks at several pieces of survey data that revolves around how much research Canadian consumers do when contemplating a financial product purchase, what they might be prepared to pay for investment advice, and what the key issues are in helping them decide with whom to deal – robo advisor, real person, friend or relative … or just wait and see?  The results are surprising, the confusion is real, and the details are important for every advisor to understand.

Underwriting Cancer, Our Way or the Long Way
Chantal Mackenzie, Canada Protection Plan
FPSC: Financial Planning
45852- 0.25 Life, 0.25 A&S

This presentation is about how we (at CPP) underwrite cancer cases in comparison to the traditional market. It covers information about traditional ratings and how a traditional underwriter would treat a cancer case versus CPP. This includes how we primarily determine eligibility based on the type of cancer and the date since last treatment. The parts of our application that ask about cancer are highlighted through this presentation, along with a brief description of the corresponding plans that clients could qualify for. At the end, there are a few case studies that compare how the traditional market would underwrite particular cancer cases versus CPP.

Cross-examination of the financial advisor – an insider’s perspective from the legal world                   
Eric Dolden & Cecilia Hoover, Dolden Wallace Folick LLP
46732- 1.00 Life, 1.00 A&S
FPSC: Practice Management

Most advisors seek to avoid claims and hope to never see the inside of a courtroom.  So what happens when an advisor finds themselves in the “hot seat” and subjected to a rigorous cross-examination under oath?  Join us for an insider’s perspective on what an advisor can expect during a lawsuit.  Our panel of legal experts will stage a mock examination for discovery of a real-life financial advisor based on the facts from a recently decided case.  Our panel will explain what was gained during the cross-examination and provide insight into the outcome of the case.

Savings and Investments
Jennifer Santos, La Capitale Insurance & Financial Services
46727- 0.50 Life
FPSC: Product

When determining which investment option is best suited for a client’s needs, there are many options available.  The most challenging question is, “Which option is most suitable for my client?” When an advisor looks at all the offerings available and all the different vehicles within our industry, how do you determine which option is best? Should you go with TFSA and/or RRSP? Should your client invest in GICs? Mutual Funds? Segregated Funds? Matching a clients needs with industry products can be confusing especially with so many different choices out there.  Let’s get back to the basics, highlight the differences, and demystify the selection process.
Benefits Boot Camp
David Roberts & Harvinder Samra, Group Medical Services
FPSC: Practice Management
45410- 1.00 Life, 1.00 A&S
Have you ever found the world of benefits to be frustrating and even political? The Benefits Boot Camp will give you the basics for understanding the evolution of the industry and more importantly learn how to stand out from the crowd. Why is it important to understand how insurance companies set their rates? How can chasing the lowest rates actually create a bigger problem at renewal? The Benefits Boot Camp will help you discover the true decision maker within a group and avoid being “leveraged” in the process. Last but not least, learn how to prequalify the sale and dramatically increase your closing ratios. Invest an hour and greatly benefit your career!


Kelley Keehn

Financial Expert and
Media Personality

Eric Dolden

Dolden Wallace Folick

Cecilia Hoover

Dolden Wallace Folick

Rick Forchuk

Special Advisor
Empire Life

Roberta Tasson

The Magnes Group


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Continuing Education Credits

Earn up to 7.5 hours of CE for Life. A&S, and General certificates.

Plus FPSC-approved CE for the CFP® designation.

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