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Who we are

Independent Financial Brokers (IFB) is a national not-for-profit Association representing independent insurance, mutual fund and other financial service professionals. Members of IFB are required to agree to IFB’s Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct.

As our name says, IFB members are ‘independent’, licensed advisors and planners.  Independent means they are not employees of, or bound by an exclusive contract with, a single financial services company or institution.  They have the ability to offer advice and access to a variety of products and services, based on the client’s needs.  Most IFB members operate a financial practice in the community where they live and are licensed by their provincial life insurance and/or securities regulator(s).

If you are a licensed financial professional looking to further your career as an independent, IFB invites you to peruse our website for more information on the Association and becoming an “independent”.

If you are a consumer looking for an independent advisor, use our “Find an Advisor” tab to search for an IFB member near you.  Always use a properly licensed financial professional when seeking advice.

What we do for our members

As an Association, our role is to enhance and protect the businesses of our members and to support consumer choice. We do this by maintaining an active dialogue with the federal and provincial governments, the industry regulators, and the decision-makers. In addition, we provide our members with a variety of benefits, including high-quality Continuing Education opportunities so that they can remain on top of changes and developments within the industry.

Why you should be a part of IFB

If you are independent financial services professional, you should be a member of Independent Financial Brokers. With an over thirty-year history of successfully fighting for the rights of the independent, IFB is the only Association dedicated to the needs and concerns of the independent broker.

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